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Strange Uncles S4E23: SU News; "Straight from Area 51 Edition"


Welcome Strangers to the "April Fortean News Edition". This one is for sure a keeper, because we actually recorded this in the middle of the Nevada dessert, and to be more exact, about as close as we could get to the infamous Area 51. Fun times were had all around, and the characters we met while staying at "The Little Ale' Inn" was amazing. Included in our group was our strange nephew Larry, close friend to all of us, as well as having a chance encounter with The Great Randini, who shared some amazing stories we will have cued up for our Patreon Fans. Join us on this special episode, as we discuss Deep Fakes, Updated UAP encounters, as well as a flub with the Strategic Command twitter account. Open the Gates...

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Episode 170

by Strange Uncles podcast