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by The Black Effect and iHeartRadio
Street Politicians

"Black Love" with Remy Ma and Papoose + Dejuana Thompson of Woke Vote


​On this episode of Street Politicians, Tamika and Mysonne spoke to the people about Black Love and added in Hip Hop couple Papoose and Remy Ma in the discussion. They spoke about "Old School" vs "New School" relaionships, relationship popularity, and what "black love" means to them. They also highlight community change maker Dejuana Thompson of Woke Vote where they spoke about her career, executive orders, and what the community needs to do to keep pushing for issues post election. Lastyly, they visit the Horsford case, (Tamla Horsford was discovered dead in the backyard of the Cumming, Georgia home where she had been attending a slumber party with other "football moms" the night before.) where they spoke with the friend of Tamla who goes more in detail about her speculations about the case.
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by The Black Effect and iHeartRadio