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by The Black Effect and iHeartRadio
Street Politicians

"PowHer"- Woman's History Month Kick Off! (Michael Eric Dyson and Nupol Kiazolu)


​On this episode of Street Politicians, Tamika D Mallory and Mysonne kick off Woman's History month by discussing the importance of womanhood and saluting the countless women making an impact in their communities, their nation, and the world. They also get into a very deep and challenging discussion about the contreversial comments Boosie said about Lori Harvey's dating history. Moreover, author and ordained minister Michael Eric Dyson called and spoke more about the topic of protecting and lifting up our queens. Also, for their "Change Makers" segment they had Nupol Kiazolu call in and speak on the work she is doing in the community.
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by The Black Effect and iHeartRadio