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by James Troiano
Stuff about Sales

End of Month Sales Strategy


The re-brand is here!  Hannah Pencek comes back on the podcast to answer 5 BIG sales questions around setting yourself up for a successful end of month.

1. From an AE perspective what is your best advice for setting up your month when you are on a monthly quota cycle?

2. What are some cues that you look for when taking an inbound lead that you might have an in month close on your hands?

3. What is the best advice for pulling an opportunity back into the month that might be slipping out?

4. Do you have any favorite language or wording, whether it's through email or whatever that you use as EOM approaches to make sure the deal is still a priority?

5. As a sales manager, what is your #1 priority when it comes to support your team for end of month?

Also a bonus question at the end!  



by James Troiano