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Find out about technical recruitment for the Superyacht sector with Proteus Recruitment


With our co-host Titta Uoti-Vaisanen, Life After Yachting, we discover about marine recruitment with Dale Fisher, CEO, Proteus Recruitment, and the options available to crew as they make the move from onboard to ashore. 

With 25 years in the Marine Industry, specialised in the delivery, service & project management of race, performance, luxury and superyacht projects, culminating in marine recruitment, Dale shares his story of taking his passion for boats, long experience and understanding of recruitment for the marine sector to develop Proteus in 2020. Working with both ends of the spectrum, from shipyard to designer or engineer, we get a better understanding of the market right now, and the opportunities available in this diverse global market.

 We are also joined with guest Greg Butler-Davis, with his own story of transition from onboard to onshore, working with Dale to find the right team in his VMG Refit and Repair centre in Valencia, and the difference it makes working with an experienced team.

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