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by Jessie Ware
Table Manners with Jessie and Lennie Ware

S11: Extra Helpings 1


Despite the different lockdowns and restrictions we’ve had over the past year, we’ve kept going and it’s been an absolutely stellar year of Table Manners with such fabulous guests from all around the world. 

Whilst we gear up to Series 12 (how did that happen?!) we’ve put together a couple of episodes of highlights to serve up as an extra helping. 

In this first episode, listen back to hear Dolly Parton’s room service order, Michael McIntyre’s embarrassing dad behaviour, Yungblud ordering pints at Noma, Take That’s game of ‘King Naan’, me fangirling over Kylie Minogue & Lydia West’s gem of knowledge about ordering cookie dough from Pizza Hut. 

Listen, share and enjoy!! X


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by Jessie Ware