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Talking Business with Beverly

How to Make Your Job Optional


Dual Certified Business Life Coach Brenda Underwood loves helping female leaders make their job optional until they can make it obsolete. After two decades in corporate leadership, Brenda founded Breakthrough for Life LLC in 2013 to help ambitious women unlock the golden handcuffs of corporate with the keys to business ownership. Brenda has helped CEOs open new LLCs and divisions from a blank sheet of paper and an idea. She is an expert in infrastructure implementation and revenue-generating sales and marketing. This is where Brenda’s accounting skills and marketing experience marry together into a beautiful picture of profitable business growth. You will benefit from her world-class training from Unisource Worldwide, Toshiba America, and Marshall & Swift.

Her life is dedicated to developing Courageous Entrepreneurs. Who do you know that's ready to make their job optional?

During our conversation, Brenda broke down the EXACT process needed to ensure you leave your job in a way that benefits all parties! 

Brenda's Website: https://www.breakthroughforlife.com/



by Hype Media Global