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Talking Gardens

Marian Boswall

Talking Gardens
Talking Gardens
Landscape designer Marian Boswall constructs her fantasy garden, the first important ingredient of which would be love. Find out why Marian wants to experience the garden from the perspective of a bug and a bird, as well as in slo-mo and fast-mo, and how being ‘invisible’ is helpful when out beaver spotting. Discover what the secret of quick composting is, how she learned to love yellow… and why she wants a pair of wolves in her dream garden.

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Discover Marian Boswall’s top tips on creating a sustainable garden; see a beautiful low-maintenance garden she designed; and learn more about her favourite plants with medicinal qualities.

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Show notes

Terry Pratchett book Reaper Man

Laline Paull book The Bees

Merlin Sheldrake book Entangled Life 


42 Acres, nature reserve and wellbeing centre, founded by Lara and Seth Tabatznik

Thich Nhat Hanh, dubbed the ‘father of mindfulness’

Satish Kumar, peace activist

Dr Elaine Inghams Soil Food Web

Nicole Masters Integrity Soils


Rewilding (beavers) 

The Great Dixter Biodiversity Audit 

Making compost

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Talking Gardens
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