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by Tatiana Smith, M.A., LPC-S, Mental Health and Wellness Counseling, Personal
Talking Off The Couch

EP. 48. Purpose and Mental Health


Talking Off The Couch podcast focuses on mental health and mental wellness within the community of color. Tatiana Smith who is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Dallas, Texas decided that it is time to shed light and break stigmas about mental health/wellness in the communities of color. This podcast is a voice for the mental health community as well as the average person. Talking Off The Couch will make you feel Ok about not being Ok.

This week's episode I speak my guest Jessica Chinyelu. We talk about being a woman of purpose, mental wellness and keeping it simple, being Nigerian-American and what going to see a therapist looks like within the culture.

Jessica Chinyelu is a Nigerian-American, empowerment speaker, TV Host, entrepreneur, and Founder of Woman of Purpose. Through her non-profit organization, Woman of Purpose, Jessica provides online and in-person coaching, mentorship placement, annual conferences and community for women looking to pursue and achieve their God given passions and dreams. From a struggling drug addict who was sexually molested at a young age living a fast-paced promiscuous lifestyle to a successful entrepreneur, Jessica's courage, faith and determination has inspired followers worldwide and helped countless audiences become awakened to their dreams and walking in freedom.

As Founder and CEO of Woman of Purpose, Jessica developed the annual Woman of Purpose Conference and programs that have transformed the lives of women and altered the path of mind renewal. Her programs started in her home with just 8 women and since inception the Woman of Purpose ministry has more than multiplied. Known for her sincere and relatable spirit, Jessica has reached more than 100,000 women through social media platforms and the highly anticipated annual conference.

Takeaways from this episode:

Purpose is short term and Destiny is long term.

Take care of yourself. Help yourself by taking care of yourself. I. E. Find 3 simple things that bring you happiness and joy.

Go back and understand what God says about you. Who are you? What is your destiny and your purpose?

Find a counselor!

Where you can find Jessica:

Web: www.womanofpurposeconference.com

Instagram: @womanofpurposenetwork or @jessicachinyelu

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Episode 48

by Tatiana Smith, M.A., LPC-S, Mental Health and Wellness Counseling, Personal