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by Sergio Mastro
Tango Club

Lyrics of Tango


If we talk of art in general and music in particular, and tango if we want to dig deeper, the lyrics have born many decades after the music of its hundred plus years of life.

In this episode, we talked about the lyrics of the Tango. It was originally, in the 1880s, improvised instrumental music to cheer up parties and brothels, and with time it started to add lyrics that painted the life in those marginal areas, with time this lyrics had the complexity, and sensitivity that never other cultural expression had before, having compositors like Homero Manzi, Enrique Cadicamo, Catulo Castillo y Enrique Santos Discepolo. Themes:

Gaucho and Pampa


Nostalgia and homesick

Barrio (neighborhood)

Arrabal and belonging

WomenBuenos Aires


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by Sergio Mastro