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by Taos Land Trust
Taos Land Trust

Keeping Working Lands in Working Hands


Taos Land Trust is home base to an innovative and experimental project to reconnect traditional farming families to their lands and their farming heritage. How can conservation easements, tax breaks, planning and zoning work together to keep farm lands from development while at the same time giving those lands economic, community and conservation values? How can this help a rural community achieve climate resilience? Jim O'Donnell talks with Taos Land Trust's Chyna Dixon about the Working Lands project. This podcast was recorded at the studios of KNCE 93.5FM True Taos Radio in Taos, New Mexico on November 14, 2019. Produced by Jim O'Donnell. Edited by Brett Tomadin of Taos Sound and Music (https://www.taossound.com/).



by Taos Land Trust