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by Jules Sebastian

TEA WITH JULES: Three Birds Renovations transforming houses into dream homes and the reality of family and business.


‘Don’t let perfect get in the way of better’ ~ Three Birds Renovations Get ready to renovate and delve into the creative minds behind these three inspiring womenBonnie, Erin and Lana together make up the Three Birds Renovations as they transform houses into heavenly dream homes. We chat about how three best friends and busy mums decided to run a business together and the journey of learning to balance work and family life. They each bring to the table different talents within creative design, planning and marketing, and their respect for each other’s strengths within their business was one of the many incredible words of wisdom they shared with me. So grab and cuppa and be inspired by three friends turning a dream into a successful business and life.For more on the birds:WebsiteInstagramYouTube


Episode 9

Season 1

by Jules Sebastian