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by Jules Sebastian

TEA WITH JULES with author, educator & parenting & resilience specialist Maggie Dent.



This is a special Tea with Jules episode just for you. Trust me – get your pen and paper out and takes some notes on this one.

Maggie Dent joins me for an insightful and in-depth conversation on (one of the toughest jobs of all) parenting. She is known as Australia’s favourite parenting authors and educators and it is easy to see why. Her warmth, calm nature and wisdom had me hanging off her every word.

Maggie has written 11 books on all things parenting and hosts the ABC podcast ‘Parental as Anything’. Her website is an incredible resource helping us all to navigate the many challenges we face as parents. A mum of FOUR boys, and an engaged grandmum, Maggie’s life experience covers teaching, counselling, working in palliative care, funeral services and suicide prevention. From this Maggie has come to advocate for the healthy, common-sense raising of children in order to strengthen families and communities.

I reached to my community for their burning questions for Maggie and I tried my best to cover off as much as I could in our chat. We cover a lot of ground. From toddler tantrums, parental pauses, co-parenting as a team, her roosters and lamb theory, screen time and teaching our kids to be safe digital citizens, singing silly songs, structure, predictability and boundary’s, helping our teenagers find their spark, modelling behaviour for our kids and probably the highlight…..why Maggie is sending me into fart training!

The bottom line of this conversation is, the best thing we can ever do for our kids is to love them fiercely and unconditionally. Oh – and Maggie’s parting words to all parents everywhere – YOU’VE GOT THIS.

Please, if you are a parent or know a parent who might need some sound, sensible advice in raising their kids (that’s all of us right?!), watch this interview. Then watch it again.

The link is in my stories or search Tea with Jules on YouTube.

Enjoy x

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