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by Jules Sebastian

Tea with Jules with Interior & Lifestyle guru Steve Cordony


Steve Cordony is a master of interior style and life styling. What a treat to have him for my latest episode of Tea with Jules.

I first met Steve when he waved his magic style wand over our house for a shoot we did with Belle Magazine Australia where he sits as Style Director at Large. He struck me as kind, generous with information and meticulous with his impeccable taste, and he has absolutely lived up to that first impression.

With so many of us spending so much time at home right now, it is lovely to hear Steve talk about how he gives his home a soul. Steve shares with me how growing up he always felt that coming out, might be a risk or an unachievable dream to have his own perfect image of home life. Remaining neutral, was safer. He believes that everything happens for a reason at the right time, and with a moment of complete honesty with himself and those around him, he was released into his truest identity. Once he stepped into that, the sky has been the limit.

We talk about the secret sauce of a successful relationship, what is the soul, finding purpose and of COURSE I wouldn’t let him get away without asking him some very important home styling questions!

I loved this chat and Steve’s wonderful insight into life, love and career. He is a true gem-I hope you enjoy too. Oh, and please check out his and Michael’s current dream home renovation Rosedale Farm. It is serious #housegoals


Episode 4

Season 3

by Jules Sebastian