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by Jules Sebastian

Tea With Jules with Sam Moran


What an exciting day this is! 

 Due to many reasons (COVID lockdowns, the world turning upside-down, writing a book, raising 2 boys and well…life!) it has been over a year since I shared a Tea with Jules episode with you all. Late last year I felt the time was right to boil the kettle again and invite people into my home to have honest, heartfelt conversations about life, love and career. 

 My first guest is my dear friend Sam Moran. He has been a children’s entertainer for 22 years, bringing joy and fun to our homes via his show ‘Play Along with Sam’ and his time as the yellow Wiggle. 

 What I love about this chat with Sam is his openness about all the stages and phases of his life so far. He talks about the power of letting things go, how smart kids really are and the level of sincerity they need from their entertainers. Sam also, opens up about his relationship with depression over the years and how important it is to deal with the ‘meh’ feeling that can creep in slowly.

 I can’t tell you how much I learn about people and about myself through these conversations. It’s not just sharing tea, it’s a ceremony of exchange – human to human. I love that we are back in the Tea with Jules saddle and that we get to experience this together. 

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