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by Seyi Taylor
Teach Me One Thing with Seyi Taylor

Bitcoin in Africa - Tomiwa Lasebikan, Co-Founder Buycoins Africa


In this episode, I talk to Tomiwa Lasebikan (@alephile on Twitter).

Tomiwa is the co-founder and head of product at Buycoins Africa, which is using crypto to transform Africa’s financial infrastructure. They run one of the largest crypto exchanges in Africa, processing over 100M this year. They also have Sendcash which helps users in the US send money back home using crypto. Before Buycoins, Tomiwa was a software engineer at Microsoft, working on Azure and Hololens.

We talk about how crypto is transforming the African financial landscape, his company's work in the space, and how African governments will react to these. 

Highlights here:

  • 1:05 — The current state of Bitcoin in Africa.
  • 1:52 — How personal and business freedoms are curtailed in African countries.
  • 7:18 — How governments might respond to crypto adoption.
  • 13:00 — How crypto can help transfer intra-Africa transfers.
    • 17:14 — Building new financial infrastructure with crypto.

You can also find TM1T on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzbZQIBYQGQwZLxAo-b22Dg


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