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Technology on Pat Kenny

Tech With Jess: A review of the Samsung S22 Ultra

Technology on Pat Kenny
Technology on Pat Kenny
This morning on the show Jess Kelly our Technology Correspondent reviewed the Samsung S22 Ultra and answered listeners tech questions.
Samsung S22 Ultra review notes
If you were a fan of the Galaxy Note, this is the phone for you.
This 6.8-inch Amoled display is one of the best screens you can get on any smartphone.
As usual, the cameras are a particularly strong card for Samsung’s top flagship phone.
Samsung has made the S-Pen handy and beginner-friendly,
The S22’s battery life is between good and excellent.
The S22 Ultra comes at three different price points here: €1,299 (8GB Ram and 128GB storage), €1,399 (12GB, 256GB) and €1,499 (12GB, 512GB).   it always lasted at least a full day.
Technology on Pat Kenny
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