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That Projector Life

That Projector Life

That Projector Life

About That Projector Life

Hey, Human Design projectors! Are you ready to start being a projector? (And to find out what, exactly, it means to be a projector and how you can succeed in the world?)

This is your invitation (yay, an invitation!) to join fellow Human Design projector Ardelia Lee as she explores the ins and outs of being a projector in the real world. She’ll cover general Human Design topics like gates + channels and dive deeper into how projectors can use their unique energy to overcome common projector obstacles (like learning how to wait for an invitation) and create success, fulfillment, and joy in their lives and businesses.

That Projector Life is the space where projectors can be projectors and discover what that looks like for them. It’s time to recognize and develop your Projector Magic. You’ve already received the invitation.


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