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by That's Not How Science Works
That's Not How Science Works

Melting into Lava, Wicked Witch Style (Volcano (1997))


Caitlin and Nicole are joined by Nicole’s friend Patricia, who is a geophysicist and studies volcanoes. (No, Patricia is not a vulcanologist. That’s a different thing. Nicole already made that mistake.) Per Patricia’s request, the group has gathered together to discuss the cheesy 1997 disaster movie, creatively named "Volcano”. Patricia is here to answer all of your lava-related questions? Can volcanoes just shoot out of the ground like daisies? How hard is it to outrun a lava flow? If you step into lava, will you melt into it just like the Wicked Witch of the West?

These may all sound like stupid questions, but they all literally come up in the movie Volcano.

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Episode 25

Season 1

by That's Not How Science Works