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by That's Not How Science Works
That's Not How Science Works

Netflix, Please Give Us TARS and Coop! (Interstellar (2014))


It turns out that Caitlin and Nicole have multiple rocket scientist friends! Longtime friend of the podcast Space Nicole joins our hosts along with newtime friend of the podcast Grant to discuss the Nolan space behemoth, Interstellar. There is … a lot to unpack in this movie. Some of the science is surprisingly good, which makes sense considering that Nolan consulted with actual physicists during the production of the film (Flash writers, take notes). Some of the science is, well, odd, to say the least. Join our crew of intrepid science friends as they journey into a discussion of rockets, docking, relativity, time, black holes, whatever the heck “the blight” is, and the possibly horrible truth behind this secret science program headed by a bunch of all-American scientists(?)

Also, Nicole came up for an idea for a TARS and Cooper-themed spin-off television show, complete with theme song, because of course she did. Does anyone know someone at Netflix we can pitch this to? #TARSandCoop

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Episode 32

Season 1

by That's Not How Science Works