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by That's Not How Science Works
That's Not How Science Works

No, COVID-19 Is Not an I Am Legend Situation (Zombie Viruses with Here's Johnny Podcast)


Welcome to the apocalypse, my friends.

Wait, that sounds really bad with everyone currently in self isolation from COVID-19. We at That’s Not How Science Works don’t actually think we’re in the middle of a real apocalypse. The current pandemic will eventually pass, so hang in there! Wash your hands! Self isolate! Don’t touch your face! But in this episode we’re joined by Larry and Justin from the Here’s Johnny podcast to discuss zombies and viruses. You know, the classic fictional apocalypse.

This is a little bit of a different episode because we aren’t discussing a specific piece of media in this episode. Instead, Larry and Justin are here to provide some context on zombies since, you know, Nicole and Caitlin are babies when it comes to horror. Then, we discuss the science of viruses and vaccines in three zombie movies in particular: I Am Legend, World War Z, and 28 Days Later. And we also end up talking a bit about coronaviruses and COVID-19 because it was a bit inevitable.

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Episode 26

Season 1

by That's Not How Science Works