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by That's Not How Science Works
That's Not How Science Works

We're Just Standing Outside the Aliens' Planet with a Boombox (E1 & E2 of Another Life)


Well … this episode ended up being a bit of a mess for reasons that are explained therein. But you know what? It kind of fits because we’re covering episodes 1 and 2 of Another Life, and this show is a lot of a mess. We’re joined by our longtime podcast friend Space Nicole for the ride. In this episode we discuss the whole gamut of crazy science: - How dark matter isn’t a scary cloud - How pigeons navigate with but don’t produce infrasound - Why space helmets don’t have a retractable visor - And more! But mostly, we’re still confused why Niko didn’t tell her crew that she killed a man because he was trying to murder her and not simply because “it had to be done.”

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Episode 30

Season 1

by That's Not How Science Works