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by Emily Duncan
That's Orgasmic

025 Polyamory with Manu


This episode delves into all things Polyamory. What is Polyamory? Are there different types? How do I practice Polyamory? What if I am in a Monogamous relationship and want to explore Polyamory? Aren't Polyamorous people just cheaters? Do Polyamorous people hate Monogamy? All of these questions are discussed by Emily with the help of Manu who identifies as a Solo Polyamorist. Manu shares her own experiences and how she discovered Polyamory. Manu has an instagram page @polyamory_awareness dedicated to posting Polyamorous memes and educational posts.

Manu's Redbuddle shop: https://www.redbubble.com/people/manutz-itzanami/shop

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Episode 4

by Emily Duncan