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by Emily Duncan
That's Orgasmic

027 Contraception with Karen Freilich


This episode is all about contraception. Emily is joined by GP Registrar Karen Freilich to answer all of your contraception questions.  

Topics discussed include:
Is there such thing as 'natural' contraception?
What are Fertility Awareness Methods?
What is the Billings method?
The contraceptive pill, Implanon, IUD (Hormonal and Copper), The Depo Provera Shot, Vasectomy and condoms 
Can I skip my period on the pill?
Do I even need my period?
Are there long-term side effects from taking hormonal contraception?
How do we know if our hormone balance is right?
How effective is contraception?
Is there a contraceptive method that is best?

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Episode 6

by Emily Duncan