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by ThatsCraqzyBro

EP 12: Getting Rid of the VICTIM'S MINDSET, Cancel Culture + More with John Sonmez


What does it take to become Independent in life? Wanna retire young? Then chase your passion. My guest John Sonmez discussed his life experiences starting from why he started his youtube journey to how he got canceled and his mindset conditioning which is essential towards living a healthy life.  if you enjoyed this video please don’t forget to HIT THAT LIKE BUTTON and SUBSCRIBE!  QUESTION? Do you have an interesting topic you want to explore? Or any questions or story on life in general?   JOIN the CraqzyGang by clicking SUBSCRIBE!!!  Thanks for Liking/Subscribing/Sharing! I love you guys!  Follow me on  Instagram: Jaytoski1 Twitter: Jayp451 Email: thatscraqzybro@hotmail.com


Episode 12

by ThatsCraqzyBro