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The 20 most influential moments of the last 20 years

The Most Influential Moment of the Last 20 Years: SMARTPHONES

Here on Newstalk in the run up to the end of 2020, we’ve been looking back at the 20 Most Influential Moments of the Last 20 Years.
On a global scale we’ve looked at 9/11, the refugee crisis and the Covid pandemic we’re still battling through. On our shores, we’ve reflected on the Smoking Ban, Repeal the 8th, and Water Charges.
We even had the elections of both Barack Obama and Donald Trump, the visit to Ireland by the Queen and Brexit.
You’ve been voting over the last few days and today, we revealed that the most influential moment of the two decades is the introduction of the iPhone in 2007 which led to the rise of the smartphone and social media and has arguably impacted on every facet of modern life.
Kieran Cuddihy, Jess Kelly, Shane Coleman and Ciara Kelly discuss in this final edition of our series.
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The 20 most influential moments of the last 20 years
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