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by 29029 Everesting
The 29029 Podcast

Episode 009 - Tales From The Mountain | Leigh Sojonky


In September 2012, Leigh Sojonky was in the best shape of her life.  She had just completed Ironman Canada as a celebration of spending the previous 20 years as a shadow of her former 250-pound self. 

Then it happened. While waiting in traffic, the car behind rammed into her at full force. The accident resulted in all of her neck muscles tearing, a serious head injury and crippling back pain. She went from peak physical fitness to not making it past noon without having to lie down.

She spent the next 6 years of her life, unable to move her body the way she wanted to. That was until she learned about 29029. There was something intriguing about the event, that set her on a path of redemption and revelations about what was possible.  One step at a time, she worked towards finding her inner-endurance athlete. 

Her incredible journey is a tale of perseverance, and never ever giving up on what is possible.


Episode 9

by 29029 Everesting