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by The ABM Leadership Alliance
The ABM Podcast

How to Know Your Company Is ABM Ready w/ Alex Moore and Bobby Narang


Sales and marketing are working in sync? ✔️

The CRM appreciates data? ✔️

Our company owns and knows how to use an automation tool? ✔️

If you can check off the above questions, your company might be ready for Account-Based Marketing (ABM). In this episode of The ABM Podcast, Alex Moore, senior partner, marketing and technology at Stratagon, and Bobby Narang, EVP and co-founder at Opensense, talk with Brandon about how to know if your company is really ready to launch ABM.

Brandon, Alex, and Bobby discuss:

  • The tech and tools a company needs to get started in ABM
  • Subtle signs that sales and marketing are not aligned
  • How not to get duped when buying ABM software for your company
  • How to measure account penetration

The ABM Podcast is co-hosted by Christine Farrier and Brandon Redlinger of the ABM Leadership Alliance. Never miss an episode by subscribing to the show on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts.



by The ABM Leadership Alliance