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The Adoption and Fostering Podcast

Podcast Special - Sophie Parkinson, Behaviour Outreach Worker and PhD student.

The Adoption and Fostering Podcast
The Adoption and Fostering Podcast

In this midweek podcast I speak to former teacher, a behaviour outreach worker and adoptive parent Sophie Parkinson. She shares her experience of working in school as well as how this has led her to now be undertaking a PHD entitled "Education professional's understanding of trauma informed approaches in education".

We chat about a broad range of issues that impact on children in school as well as trying to make sense of the current culture around supporting children's behaviour in school, behaviourism and the broader political context.

If you'd like to speak to Sophie or participate in the research she's undertaking you can contacted through her twitter here or via email b1204649@student.bishopg.ac.uk

As always if you’ve experience of adoption, fostering or special guardianship from any perspective personal or professional and would like share that on the podcast please get in touch through the Facebook page, the app formerly known as Twitter or email us at AandFpodcast@gmail.com

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The Adoption and Fostering Podcast
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