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by Rhonda Patrick, Ph.D.
The Aliquot Preview

PREVIEW Aliquot #1: Q&A Mashup - Pregnancy and Child Development


This collection of clips covers a range of topics related to optimizing a child's development and growth, from pregnancy to toddlerhood.

The complete episode, which is found on our member's only feed: 'the Aliquot', has the following timeline:

00:00:00 - Common deficiencies in infants and toddlers and how Rhonda optimizes her son’s diet.

00:01:45 - Low omega-3 fatty acid intake in toddlers

00:04:18 - Low iron intake in toddlers

00:05:03 - Vitamin D supplementation in toddlers

00:06:26 - Low magnesium intake in toddlers

00:06:55 - Low potassium intake in toddlers

00:07:42 - Low fiber intake in toddlers

00:08:58 - Omega-3 supplementation in children

00:10:18 - Omega-3 fatty acid and behavior and learning in school aged children.

00:13:17 - Omega-3 fatty acid rich food improved asthma symptoms and inflammation.

00:14:10 - Omega-3 fatty acid prolongs onset of schizophrenia in adolescents.

00:16:00 - Higher levels of omega-3 fatty acid in children’s blood was associated with decreased DNA damage.

00:21:08 - Fish intake during pregnancy.

00:24:58 - Effect of dietary phospholipid DHA on the brain.

00:26:02 - Extra precautions Rhonda took during pregnancy.

00:26:55 - Caffeine consumption during pregnancy.

00:28:03 - Rhonda's vaccinations during pregnancy

00:31:33 - Acetaminophen during pregnancy

00:31:58 - Rhonda’s supplementation routine during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

00:35:16 - Breastfeeding

00:35:16 - Breastfeeding duration and impacts on mother's and child's health

00:36:09 - Human milk oligosaccharides and associations with immunity.

00:37:47 - Stem cells within breast milk

00:39:10 - DHA supplementation during breastfeeding.

00:41:34 - Vitamin D supplementation during breastfeeding.

00:42:34 - Caffeine consumption during breastfeeding.

00:44:55 - Newborn care

00:46:20 - Introducing new foods to infants and thoughts on allergies.

00:49:00 - Omega-3 fatty acids and heavy metals during pregnancy

00:52:50 - Rhonda's diet and exercise routine during pregnancy.

00:59:52 - More about Rhonda's diet and supplementation during pregnancy

01:01:30 - Brain health and intelligence, the importance of choline and omega-3 fatty acids

01:03:22 - Vegetables, folate and diet diversity

01:04:02 - Vitamin D during pregnancy and breastfeeding

01:05:19 - Diet during lactation, extra calories, iodine for brain growth and development

01:06:04 - Vitamin B12 supplementation, especially for vegetarians

01:06:16 - Iron importance for brain health in infants

01:07:37 - Salmon roe, babies and the potential for an allergic reaction.

01:08:17 - Vitamin K and exclusive breastfeeding

01:08:40 - Caffeine during pregnancy and breastfeeding

01:09:45 - Nutrition and vitamins for baby and toddler to maximize brain development and growth



by Rhonda Patrick, Ph.D.