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by Rhonda Patrick, Ph.D.
The Aliquot Preview

PREVIEW Aliquot #18: The dual nature of IGF-1: Striking a balance for optimal health


Insulin-like growth factor-1, or IGF-1 for short, is a protein that plays critical roles in major growth pathways in the human body. It influences nearly every tissue in the body, especially developmental growth, skeletal muscle and neurons. Emerging evidence suggests that IGF-1 also regulates the aging process. Overactivity of IGF-1 has been implicated in aging and age-related diseases, such as cancer. Balancing the beneficial and (sometimes) harmful effects of IGF-1 via exercise and fasting is critical to maintaining health.

These Aliquot segments feature Dr. Peter Attia, a medical doctor specializing in aging; Dr. Valter Longo, a biochemist and professor of gerontology and biological sciences at USC; and Dr. Rhonda Patrick (in an interview with Mike Maser).

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by Rhonda Patrick, Ph.D.