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by Rhonda Patrick, Ph.D.
The Aliquot Preview

PREVIEW Aliquot #22: Q&A Mashup - Rhonda's personal supplement routine


This is a special mashup episode, featuring a collection of clips on a range of topics related to supplements — including Rhonda’s evolving supplement routine!

This episode covers many supplement-related topics including:

  • Rhonda’s supplement routine while pregnant and breastfeeding
  • Rhonda’s exercise, sleep, food, and supplement routine
  • How Rhonda boosts her immune system during this pandemic
  • Rhonda’s best tips on finding quality supplements
  • Rhonda’s thoughts on sulforaphane supplements and why she takes moringa powder
  • The recommended vitamin C and zinc dosage for preventing the common cold
  • Why Rhonda no longer supplements with nicotinamide riboside.
  • Rhonda’s supplement routine as of February 2021

Please note that the information in this episode is based on my own personal experience and is not medical, professional, or licensed advice. If you are thinking about starting or changing your own supplement routine, please make sure you consult your physician or health care provider.



by Rhonda Patrick, Ph.D.