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by Rhonda Patrick, Ph.D.
The Aliquot Preview

PREVIEW Aliquot #8: Lifestyle interventions for depression and anxiety


Various ancient practices, including meditation, hot yoga, and sauna, may aid in the treatment of depression. Whether the medical community will embrace these lifestyle interventions remains to be seen. In the meantime, most people with clinical depression are treated with antidepressants. These drugs have their advantages and disadvantages, and while they are helpful for a subset of depressed people, a quarter of patients taking the drugs may get worse. In this clip, Dr. Charles Raison discusses his belief that ancient practices are more likely than modern pharmacology to encourage resilience and stave off depression and describes how antidepressants have their place in treating depression, but they should be used with caution due to some of their inherent side effects.

This Aliquot segment features Dr. Charles Raison, a professor of psychiatry.

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by Rhonda Patrick, Ph.D.