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The Apple & The Tree

The Apple & The Tree

The Apple & The Tree

About The Apple & The Tree

Vogue Williams hosts The Apple and The Tree, a brand new podcast where a parent and their adult child get to ask each other about the parts of their shared history they’ve always wanted to know more about, but never given themselves the time to do so. These are deep, intimate and revealing conversations that move through love, grief, shame, sexuality, religion, addiction, identity and so much more.

Because these shows were recorded in our guest’s own homes, it’s like you’ve been invited in to sit alongside them and hear exactly how their lives have unfurled. At the end of each episode, Vogue and the guests unpack what’s been shared to discover if the apple really does fall far from the tree.

To get in touch just email vogue@mailonline.com. You can find us on Instagram and X @appletreepod. Let us know about your family stories - who knows, maybe we can meet next time!

Presenter: Vogue Williams
Producer: Rob Fitzpatrick
Editing: Tony Onu
Production Manager: Vittoria Cecchini
Executive Producer: Jamie East
Music written by Aloysius James and performed by Perry Ap Gwynedd and Lunar June
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