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by Dan Clark
The Art of Significance

Encore: It's Showtime!


Dan's first show sets the expectations of what you will hear each week, by sharing his story of fighting back from a paralyzing injury that cut short his football career, and the lessons he learned about resiliency and how he discovered the difference between success and significance.

Dan is also a Gold Record Songwriter and will always have a hit songwriter as his guest to talk about the influence of music in our lives. So in the second segment Dan interviews Grammy Award winning Songwriter of the Year Liz Rose who shares the secrets to writing her countless hits, and the story behind: 'Girl Crush', followed by a performance.

In the third segment Dan's guest is Jason Sisneros, who was the top speaker in the Tony Robbins organization, and currently a business growth and turnaround expert, and CEO of Feed a Billion, Feedabillion.org., which connects a network of partners with the needy around the world to alleviate hunger.

The fourth segment focuses on a Military Tribute!



by Dan Clark