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by Dan Clark
The Art of Significance

Encore: Sharing stories through music and journalism


Telling stories is a way to keep us connected as human beings. Stories can be handed down in families, shared in song or published to be read by the masses. Stories help us build bridges and share common values. Dan Clark’s guests on The Art of Signficiance on Monday, July 30.

Jimmy Yeary is part of the musical family and performing group, The Isaacs. They’ve been singing and sharing their message and stories for more than 35 years using a variety of genres. Jennifer Napier-Pearce is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and editor of The Salt Lake Tribune. Jennifer is dedicated to sharing stories that shine a light on injustice, oppression and victimization.

This episode of The Art of Significance will remind you that we’re all one big family, and the more connection we have, the more we can accomplish.



by Dan Clark