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by Carissa Andrews
The Author Revolution™ Podcast

Industry Expert Interview: Ryan Zee (Plottr | BookSweeps)


For many new authors, the idea of plotting is a bit cringeworthy. We're creatives and our creativity can't be contained! Or can it? I was a pantser at first and I can honestly tell you that plotting changed my author world for the better. It can do the same for you, too.

In today's podcast episode, I'm interviewing Ryan Zee from Plottr and BookSweeps. If you're never heard of Plottr before, you'll definitely want to listen up. Not only do we talk about this incredibly powerful plotting program, but how to use it in some nontraditional ways, as well. Check it out!

Be sure to check out the show notes by going to authorrevolution.org/72.


Episode 72

by Carissa Andrews