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by Eric Simonson and Joey Torkildson
The Big Leap

Hiring and Finding People Who Share Your Values


Can You Work With Someone You Don’t Love? - or someone that doesn’t share your values?

In this episode of The Big Leap, Joey and Eric argue passionately for always keeping alignment in mind when recruiting partners, colleagues or even clients. This could mean alignment of your goals, your ambition, or your ideals. For Joey, it is a waste of time to undergo background checks and an interview process if you haven’t yet established that this alignment is there.

How do you find such people? Keep your ‘awareness hat’ on the whole year around - the person you’re speaking to might be an ideal fit in the future, even if you’re not looking for anybody right now. Put that person on your ‘bench’ and bring them on when the time is right.

Rounding things off, Eric surprises Joey by revealing that he loves the process of interviewing and employee evaluation.



by Eric Simonson and Joey Torkildson