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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH PROF ROBERT BOOY: COVID-19 What you must know as a business leader to navigate the Pandemic; protect your staff, customers and prepare for the battle. S2: EXCLUSIVE


This isn’t the end of the world.

It is a pandemic but we will get past Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).

In our podcast, The Brand Transformation Show, we interviewed our client and infectious disease expert, Prof Robert Booy. Prof Booy, from the University of Sydney, is a global expert on infectious diseases and has been educating Australia across the media and informing public policy during this crisis.

The key messages:

  • This is a battle, we need to take action to slow the disease down and every business can help.
  • As business leaders, we must help our teams practice good hygiene, social distancing, work from home but most importantly, keep going.
  • Society and community need businesses to keep trading and survive through this crisis. Don’t stop, press forward with confidence by following good hygiene.
  • This change in behaviours may need to last 3 months
  • We are seeing other parts of the world come through their 2-3 month painful period and cases are reducing; Wuhan, South Korea and Singapore are all demonstrating they are now on top of the crisis
  • Respect, trust and leadership matter now more than ever before


Episode 15

Season 2

by Blirt Consulting