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Daily: The Making of America’s Fury with Evan Osnos


When award-winning author and journalist Evan Osnos returned home to America after a decade away, he found a nation gripped by fear and anger, with democratic norms under attack. But how did this happen? 

Evan talks to Dorian Lynskey about his latest book, Wildland: The Making of America’s Fury, which chronicles two decades of political fury and disfunction, from the September 11th attacks right up to the January 6th Capitol Siege, by following ordinary people in the places he grew up, as they navigate 21st century America.

  • “There has been so much deception in U.S. politics, people discount the truth of anything.”
  • “For most of American history, people were disadvantaged because of who they were. We’re talking about that more now.”
  • “The effect of the pandemic has been to make more Americans at the top of society aware of those at the bottom.”
  • “Donald Trump has not been banished from the system by any means, in fact he still holds huge sway over it.”
  • “In trying to be bipartisan, Biden is appealing to Republican’s interests, not their sensibility.”
  • “January 6th felt like the inevitable result of cynicism at the top of the GOP, and Trump’s time in charge.”

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Episode 396

Season 1

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