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by Beth Kempton
The Calm Christmas Podcast with Beth Kempton

11 Savouring the Hush


These are the days in between. The liminal space that hovers beyond the festivities and before the fresh New Year. I call this time 'The Hush' and this episode is all about savouring it.

Episode 11 includes:

  • Ideas for making the most of this time between Christmas and New Year
  • A couple of reflection questions as we round out 2020
  • Some inspiring poetry to carry us into the new year

The books mentioned in this podcast were: The Everyday Alchemist’s Festive Season Reimagined by Pia Jane Bijkerk / Freedom: Medicine words for your brave revolution by Jaiya John / Calm Christmas and a Happy New Year by Beth Kempton / The Old Magic of Christmas by Linda Raedisch

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Episode 11

Season 1

by Beth Kempton