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by Ruth Kudzi
The Coaching Hub Podcast

Ep 091: How business coaching advances children’s learning with Cheryl Dodd


How can we help kids accelerate their learning and love the process?

Cheryl Dodd realised her bright daughter struggled with school. She found the lessons uninspiring. And despite being a hard worker, she frequently missed her milestones.

When Cheryl’s daughter asked her to help her start a business, Cheryl said yes and started coaching her.

The results had a profound impact on her learning.

All of a sudden, maths and English became meaningful to her daughter and her confidence soared. As other parents noticed the transformation, Biz Kids started to form.

Listen to the experience that gave birth to Cheryl’s business. And find out where Cheryl’s coach training will take Cheryl next.

[2:05] How Cheryl’s daughter’s struggle at school ignited Biz Kids

[5:30] The growth Chery’s daughter experienced with business coaching

[7:20] Cheryl discovers there’s a demand for business coaching for kids

https://optimuscoachacademy.com/coach-training/[9:05] Why Cheryl decided to train up as a coach

[10:25] On Biz Kids today and how it operates

[12:27] Cheryl discusses her coaching work with women

[15:26] Future plans for Cheryl

To find out more about Biz Kids, head to the website here.

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Episode 91

by Ruth Kudzi