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by Ruth Kudzi
The Coaching Hub Podcast

Ep 90: How coaching increases your self-awareness and gives you time to think with Fay Blakey


Ever felt confused or directionless?

Knowing what we want or what moves we should make isn’t always easy.

In this episode, Ruth talks to Fay Blakey about how coaching gave her an important power – self-awareness. Through coaching, Fay discusses how she was able to reconnect with herself and get clear on her path in life.

Listen in to how coaching can make you rethink what you ‘know,’ both about yourself and the world around you.

How self-aware are you? Can you relate to Fay’s story?

Here are the highlights from today’s episode:

{1:55]} On Fay’s professional background and starting her own business

{3:20} Fay talks about her loss of confidence and identity after being made redundant

{5:15} How coaching helped Fay figure out her career path

{9:30} What coach training involved and how it changed Fay

{11:43} Why we all need a coach

{17:32} A message for experienced businesses

{18:30} The difference between coaching and mentoring (and why Fay chose coaching)

Connect with Fay at www.fayblakey.com

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Episode 90

by Ruth Kudzi