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by Colin Yurcisin
The Colin Yurcisin Show

AMBRO DI PILATO - High ticket sales are the ultimate key to success in the business world


On today's episode we dive into the world of Ambro Di Pilato. He is one of the youngest and most successful entrepreneurs of today. Coming from a humble background, Ambro was a student when he started working part-time jobs to fulfill his expenses but he soon realized that he wasn’t made for these boring 9-5 jobs. Thus, he left his job and stepped into the field of sales, promoting the art industry which relies on the high-ticket pricing strategy. This was a bold step, considering the fact that the art industry has a niche market with a small number of buyers only. But this didn’t matter for Ambro. Owing to his talent and skills, he was able to attract a large number of buyers and helped artists make millions in sales. He now runs a wildly successful sales agency named Stratton Sales Agency.

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by Colin Yurcisin