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The Comedian's Tea Party with Si Deaves

Episode 22 - Mark Simmons


Good day to you, my tealights(? ... Does that work? Tea leaves? I'll work on it)

I hope you're all well.

Thanks for downloading and listening and checking out the podcast. It's a lovely little chat with my pal, Mark Simmons, today. A very funny man who you may have seen on the likes of Mock The Week.

We discuss all sorts from writing in lockdown, to going on a date in Ireland, Mark's new sitcom available on his socials (links below) and fixing jokes.

Also, and please get in touch and let me know... Call it market research; Does fresh air make you tired?

You can check Mark out at -

T - @jokeswithmarkI - @jokeswithmarkF - Jokes With MarkP (podcast) - Jokes with Mark Simmons

And don't forget to get in touch and let me know if fresh air makes you tired at -

T - @tpartypodI - @tpartypodE - tpartypod@gmail.comAnd remember to like, share, subscribe, tell your friends, review on iTunes and send me £10.

Keep cool, drink tea, wash your hands, you dirty beggar.Much love,Si


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