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The Comedian's Tea Party with Si Deaves

Episode 23 - Rosie Holt


Greetings all,

In this episode I talk to stand-up, actor and as I also learnt, improviser, Rosie Holt.

It's a truly amusing episode and we laugh a lot. We discuss writing, performing and dating while in lockdown and how Rosie's not doing much of any of those. We also talk about Rosie's favourite sexist tea, which leads to some hilarious, but questionable conversation. Rosie also talks about politician "Jeffrey Rees-Mogg".

This is also the first episode which has finally got some intro music, created, for a very nominal fee, by Mike Darrah on Fiverr. Look him up for your 30 second song needs at -https://www.fiverr.com/darrahsounds

You can find out what Rosie's up to at;

I - @rosieisaholtT - @rosieisaholtW - www.rosieholt.com

and get in touch with me/give me a follow/like all my posts at;

I - @tpartypodT - @tpartypodF - The Comedian's Tea Party

As always, stay safe, stay home, wash your hands, don't suddenly move in with your elderly relatives, even if you do it "with integrity"

Much Love,SiX


Episode 24

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