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The Comedian's Tea Party with Si Deaves

Episode 24 - El Baldiniho


Greetings tea... people? Teaple?

In episode 24 I talk to El Baldiniho (Jason Mannion), possibly my first guest to have had Coronavirus, who you can see in action by clicking here.

We discuss writing, prison tea, Darjeeling. I learn what a "tea belly" is and have no idea how Jason is still alive with the amount of tea he drinks.

Go and check out his daughter's content by clicking here.

Also have a look at his band by clicking here.

You can check out his online content here;

T - @magicbaldyI - @elbaldiniho1W - elbaldiniho.co.uk

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I - @tpartypodT - @tpartypodF - The Comedian's Tea Party

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Much love, drink tea, be nice,SiX


Episode 25

by tpartypod