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by tpartypod
The Comedian's Tea Party with Si Deaves

Episode 25 - Brennan Reece


Hello my little tea bags,

How the devil are you? Well, I hope.

I have for your delectation a very fun episode, indeed, with the lovely Brennan Reece, who you may have seen in such shows/films as Live At The Apollo, The Stand Up Sketch Show Roast Battle, Three In A Bed, SoulBoy, but who you will never see in The Vessel.

Brennan teaches me about Penguin straws and introduced me to almost his entire family, including his multi-poo.

We talk about DIY in our new houses, we talk about kayaks and most importantly Brennan answers the age old question, are farts funny?

You can find him online at;T - @BrennanReeceI - @BrennanReeceW - brennanreece.com

And don't forget to find me at;

T - @TPartyPodI - @TPartyPodF - The Comedian's Tea Party

Go and check out Brennan's weekly comedy roasts via Hot Water Comedy Club

And otherwise, be good to each other, yeah? If you're going to the pub, do it safely, don't be a bloody idiot.

Better yet, stay at home and have a tea while you listen to this podcast!

Much love,SiX


Episode 26

by tpartypod