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The Comedian's Tea Party with Si Deaves

Episode 30 - Luke Branch


Good day, my lovely tea leaves.

I'm absolutely delighted to bring you this chat with Luke Branch of Asylums and Cool Thing Records.

It's loads of fun, has loads of insight and loads of nonsense. You'll love it.

Come and find out what Luke wears in the summer and what he dips in his tea. It's bizarre. Also find out which part of him he'd most like to evaporate first.

If you hear any weird noises in the background during the recording, there were LOADS of fireworks. Possibly to celebrate the second lockdown, possibly for Biden, possibly because it was a Wednesday, possibly because it was the night before fireworks night, who knows. But that's what it is.

You can go and see more of Asylums at;I - @AsylumsUKT - @AsylumsBandW - coolthingrecords.com

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Big love to you all, thanks for listening, drink tea.SiX


Episode 31

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