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by tpartypod
The Comedian's Tea Party with Si Deaves

Episode 34 - Alexis Dubus / Marcel Lucont


Good teavening (I'm not apologising for that)

Welcome to episode 34, thanks for joining us. No, it's not 3 of us, it's myself and Alexis Dubus, who many people may know as his character, Marcel Lucont.

We have a lovely, funny and silly chat covering all sorts, including a brand new teamergency question, tardigrades and being in Red Dwarf with Kevin Eldon. You're going to love it.

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You can find him online at;T - @alexisdubusI - @alexisdubuscomedy AND @alexisdubusphotographyW - alexisdubus.com

And you can find me at;I - @tpartypodT - @tpartypodF - The Comedian's Tea Party

Thanks, as ever, for tuning in, have yourselves a merry little christmas, why not put down the port for 5 minutes and have a lovely cuppa and go back and enjoy this podcast!I look forward to seeing you soon (with some absolutely massive announcements).Be good, be kind, stay away from each other, but love each other absolutely.SiX


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